Community Support

The Butte Silver-Bow Local Government is committed to economic development and business expansion. Working in coordination with the Butte Local Development Corporation, the BSB Community Development department serves as liaison between local government and new and existing businesses. Working closely with the local economic development authority (BLDC) and the government will ensure that all available incentives for development will be explored.

The city-county of Butte-Silver Bow is uniquely structured as a combined city-county government. The government has jurisdiction over both the city of Butte as well as the county of Silver Bow. This form of government saves on both time and money.

Tax Increment District

Montana law enables local governments to use tax revenue for development and redevelopment activities and to pay for public infrastructure needs of projects. Butte-Silver Bow TID financial support can help with adding capacity, building facilities, and doing site development. Funds are available to help qualified candidates. Assistance levels are based on total project investment and job creation.

Butte-Silver Bow Planning Department

The Butte-Silver Bow Planning Department is responsible for updating and implementing the Butte-Silver Bow County Growth Policy and enforcing those policies that accomplish the goals and objectives of the Growth Policy. These policies include local subdivision, zoning and floodplain regulations and development guidelines for public right-of-ways, reclamation areas (Superfund sites), public places and structures, and public and private utilities. Please review the following links for more information:

Building Guidelines:
Primary Structure Setbacks,
Accessory Structure Minimum Yard Setbacks,
Accessory Structures Maximum Height Limits.

Zoning Regulations & Maps:
Title 17, Zoning.
Zoning Maps (coming soon)

Subdivision Regulations and Applications:
Subdivision Regulations 2009 (PDF 708KB)

Certificate of Survey – Request for Exemption Review application:
(PDF format 33 KB) (.doc format 27 KB)

Floodplain Regulations and Maps:
Title 18, Floodplain Regulations (coming soon)
Link to FEMA map site (coming soon)

Butte-Silver Bow Growth Policy and Neighborhood Plans:
B-SB Growth Policy 2008 Update (PDF document 6.5 MB)

Transportation Plan:
B-SB Transportation Plan Update (PDF document 19 MB)

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department is part of the Planning Department. Be sure to visit our Maps page to view available maps.

The Planning Department also provides support services to the Zoning Board of Adjustment that governs variances and special use permits.

To contact the Planning Department call (406) 497-6250. Our office is in the Courthouse, Room 108.


For more information contact:
Kristen Rosa TIFID Administrator
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155 West Granite Street, Butte, MT 59701

Jeremy Gatz-Miller Business Development Manager
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P.O. Box 3641, Butte, MT 59702